1. Safety & Fire Fighting Services

Colour codes used in working areas:
Fire fighting equipment - Red.
Emergency showers, First aid boxes, Gas Masks, etc. - Green
Traffic & house keeping marking - White/Black/combination
Inform the supervisor if any service line has been provided a wrong colour.

Electrical Safety:

 Causes of industrial accidents and injuries:

Careless or hurried assemblies
Make shift connections
Damaged wiring & defective equipment
Unauthorized tampering or repair
Improper or no earthing

Safety Precautions:

Treat all electrical wires as live unless definitely known to be dead.
All portable equipment should have proper earthing connection.
Never touch any electrical equipment with wet hands or when standing on damp surface.
Ensure that there is no leakage near electrical equipment, switches or wiring areas.
Keep any flammable materials or gas cylinders away from electrical switches. Keep switch boards, distribution boards etc. clear of obstructions at all times.



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